Tired of taking selfies in the bathroom mirror? Tired of having your cell phone in EVERY selfie? Tired of having to make a new friend just to get them to take a picture for you? Well, stress no more! With the Self Camera Timer app, you can actually take a selfie WITHOUT having to show people how jun…
Watch Out for Typosquatting
Your BBB® hears from people who get themselves in trouble by clicking on the wrong links in search engines, or mistyping a website in the address bar. Be careful visiting websites when typing the URL into your browser’s address bar. You might land on a phishing or malware website.
Bananas with SEEDS? Wild Versions of Domestic Fruits
Did you know that Bananas originally had (and in some parts of the world still do have) SEEDS? Ever since modern man stopped just hunting and gathering and actually started domesticating and cultivating crops, the appearances of some of the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday have drastically chan…
Nino’s FREE App of the Week – HOMEBASE
If you're a small business owner looking for a way to keep better track of employee schedules, labor hours, and improve overall communication between your staff, then the HOMEBASE app might be the perfect solution.
HOMEBASE also allows employees to trade shifts, schedules days off, and see how much t…

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