New iPhone 7 Headphone Jack HACK!
If you're as frustrated as most new iPhone 7 owners are now that didn't realize their new iPhone DOES NOT come come with a standard headphone jack like EVERY OTHER AUDIO PRODUCING DEVICE IN THE WORLD, you might find this video amusing!
What’s Expiring From Netflix: September 2016
September is bringing a whole slew of new titles to Netflix Instant, but that also means a bunch are on their way out. You know you need to weep to ‘A Walk to Remember’ one more time, but you also better cross ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ off your list before it’…
Nino’s Free App of the Week – IN-SHOT
If you're looking for a quick and easy to use video editing app for your YouTube, Snapchap, or other social media outlets WITHOUT having to CROP the heck out of them first, try the IN-SHOT app for Android or i-Phone.
In-shot allows you to upload full HD videos, add Text, music, and all kinds of …

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