The Future Is Now — Star Trek Phasers Are Real
You know how sometimes you're walking through Times Square, and it reminds you a little too much of 'Blade Runner,' then you get an email on your hand-sized computer/phone, and you have a massive panic attack because THE FUTURE IS NOW?!!!!! This video does not help that feeling. At al…
11 Email Fails You Don’t Want to Experience
The internet can be a pretty tricky world to navigate, and e-mail is no exception. Cyber messaging makes most of our lives way easier, but just like any other modern day convenience, a whole load of fails are born from e-mailing. Luckily for us, many of the hilarious ones turn up online.
Endless Road — Free App of the Day
Put the pedal to the metal and drive along a landscape that builds itself right before your eyes. Playing Endless Road will make you feel like the world is changing itself just for you. Well, that's because it is! Nab a copy of Endless Road -- today's Free App of the Day!
10 Must Follow Twitter Users – Rob Delaney
Twitter Handle: @robdelaney
If off-the-wall, edgy comedy that makes you "LOL", shake your head, and say, "WTF", then Rob Delaney is your guy. Ironically, I had never heard of the stand-up comedian until I saw a similar "must follow" list on R…
10 Must Follow Twitter Users – Conan O’Brien
Twitter Handle: @ConanOBrien
Everyone's favorite late night ginger uses his account like a 24-hour monologue, telling jokes (in his usual self-deprecating manner) and sharing pictures of celebrities that stop by the show. If you enjoy Conan's show and brand of humor, giving him a follo…

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