Movies Based on Video Games [16-Bit Superstars]
With Adam Sandler's "Pixels" not exactly lighting the box office on fire, Steve and I have decided to have a discussion about movies based on video games.  There are so many to talk about, almost ALL them AWFUL movies!  We'll talk about the bests and the worsts …
Video Game Hall of Fame – 16-Bit Superstars
In light of the first recognized World Video Game Hall of Fame, which we covered a few weeks ago on this show, The 16-Bit Superstars have decided to create THEIR VERY OWN video game hall of fame!  They've induced five video games as part of their first annual class.
New Netflix Instant Releases: July 2015
July is almost upon us and it’s going to be a good month for Netflix users, as the streaming service is adding a whole slew of new movies and TV shows, including a bunch of exclusives. Cult comedy fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the return of Wet Hot American Summer as …
World Video Game Hall of Fame [16-Bit Superstars]
Last week, the world's first officially recognized Video Game Hall of Fame inducted their first class of inductees in Rochester, New York!  Steve and I will go through all six inductees and share our thoughts on who deserves to go in on this week's episode of The 16-Bit Superstars!
The Rob Reviews Broken Age [Video Game Review]
About a month ago, one of my all-time favorite developers, Double Fine, released their latest title, "Broken Age."  This game had an interesting development story, which actually led to the production of a documentary concurrent with the game's development.  It began with a very successful…

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