Nino’s Movie Review – Kevin Hart – What Now?
Kevin Hart's new stand up special "What Now?" is filmed in front of a SOLD OUT crowd of over 50,000 people in Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field. The first time a comedy show ever filled a football stadium! Here's what I though about it...
HIPLET – Hop Hop meets Ballet
There is a new form of dance that combines the rhythm and movements of Hip-Hop with the gracefulness of ballet and it's called HIPLET! And if you thought trying to imitate Beyonce's moves in your living room when no one is looking was hard before, try doing the "SINGLE LADIES…
5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wifi Speed [VIDEO]
No one likes wasting their time watching a website take forever to load, and the bane of all video streaming is buffering -- but these five tips will help you avoid those hassles and make your ever-increasing dependence on the internet a lot easier.

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