Nino’s Movie Review – MAGNIFICENT SEVEN
Magnificent Seven starring Denzel Washington is a modern remake of a 1960's TV series that has great action in the beginning and end but leaves you fighting off the yawns in the middle. Check out my review of the movie.
Nino’s Movie Review – SULLY
"SULLY" - Starring Tom Hanks is a movie based on the real life events of Capt. Chelsea Sullenberger aka "Sully" who somehow saved 155 people, including himself, by landing his 747 in the HUDSON RIVER only to face the wrath of the NTSB!
Don’t Breathe – The Rob Reviews
For the second week in a row, Don't Breathe was the number one movie in America!  A slightly unknown late-summer horror flick has performed pretty well at the box office...  But is it any good?

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