“13 Reasons Why” Scores Big For Netflix
On Friday (March 31st, 2017), Netflix's latest in a long line of original content was released on the streaming service.  13 Reasons Why has really struck a chord with its audience and has become the new "it" show people are talking about.
Nino’s Movie Review – GET OUT
GET OUT is the new horror-suspense movie written and produced by Jordan Peele, one-half of the comedy team KEY&PEELE. Although this movie has some dark-humor laced throughout, this is not a spoof movie! This movie will have you on the edge of your seat and will teach you to never trust a gir…
Nino’s Movie Review – THE ASSIGNMENT
Just when you thought that the "crazy scientist" character couldn't be done any crazier, Sigourney Weaver takes crazy to a whole new level as the rogue doctor in the psycho thriller, THE ASSIGNMENT. Check out my review...

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