The Rob’s Video Game Review – Beyond: Two Souls [VIDEO]
A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I started playing a PlayStation 3 exclusive (a year late, I know) called Beyond: Two Sould.  Beyond is Quantic Dream's spiritual successor to to the 2008 blockbuster hit Heavy Rain. Though not at all a sequel, Beyond will certainly remind you of Heavy Rain in many …
The Rob Reviews “Ouija” [VIDEO]
As I mentioned on the air last week, I got a chance to get out and see the movie Ouija.  I didn't have high expectations, but besides Anabelle, there weren't many scary movies out this Halloween season.  Did Ouija let me down?  Find out in my video review below!
Is Sin City 2 As Bad As Everyone Says – The Rob’s Review
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For came out this past weekend, and it BOMBED.  I was actually incredibly surprised by this.  The first movie came out ten years ago, and while I don't recall how it did financially and how critics assessed it, my group of friends and I liked it very much.  Honestly, I'd go …

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