The Rob Reviews Ted 2
Yesterday, I went back to the movies and got a chance to see Ted 2.  I thought the first Ted movie from 2012 was a pretty solid comedy, and I've been excited to see its sequel.  The movie did a lot of things well and a lot of things wrong in my opinion, and you can find those things o…
The Rob Cries During “Inside Out”
I just got back from a staycation and I got a chance to see some movies and play some cool video games.  On my first day of vacation, my girlfriend and I went to the theater and saw the latest animated film from Disney/Pixar, "Inside Out."
The Rob Reviews LEGO Movie The Video Game
I recently finished ANOTHER LEGO game.  While these games probably qualify as being "children's games", that doesn't stop my girlfriend and me from playing these games for dozens of hours until we get 100% completion and unlock that coveted platinum trophy!  You…
The Rob Reviews Jurassic World
This weekend Jurassic World nearly broke the world record (Avengers) for best opening weekend in history!  I got a chance to get out and see it.  Here is what I had to think about the critically-praised fourth in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World!
The Rob Reviews Poltergeist
This weekend I got a chance to go to the drive in and see a few flicks.  One of the movies I got to see was the new Poltergeist.  I'm a big fan of scary movies, did the new Poltergeist live up to the hype?  Find out in my latest review!

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