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Indiana Mall Bans Hoodies — Could Eastland Mall Be Next?
A controversial sign posted by an Indiana mall cautioning patrons to drop their hoodie before entering has some customers screaming discrimination. The Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana recently displayed signs at all of their entrances stating, “For the safety and well-being of everyone, …
It Is Now Legal in Indiana to Be an Annoying Drunk
It is now officially legal in Indiana to get slobbering drunk and harass other people.
Earlier this week, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled to eliminate the portion of its public intoxication law that deemed it unlawful to get inebriated and “annoy” others in public.
Where Are the Best Places to Work In Indiana?
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce recently released its 2014 Best Places to Work in Indiana list. Among this year’s winners are several Evansville-based businesses, ranging from small companies to major corporations.
This year’s rankings consist of four classifications: small companies (15-74 employees…

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