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747 Crashes in Afghanistan [VIDEO]
Monday a National Air Cargo Plane crashed near an Air Force base in Afghanistan. 7 American soldier were killed in the crash. 6 of the soldiers were from Michigan and the 7th was from Kentucky. The 747 began falling from the sky just seconds after taking off from the base...
Melissa Awesome Goes To a Wax Museum [VIDEO]
I had to take Mama Awesome to St. Louis to catch a plane, so my roommate Katie and I decided to use this as an opportunity to take a last minute day trip and do some exploring of Saint Louis! After finding our way downtown to check out the arch we saw a Wax Museum, neither of us had ever been to one…
Man Tattoos His Dog
Ernesto Rodrigues from Stokes County, North Carolina has stirred up quite a bit of controversy after tattooing his four-month-old pit bull, Duchess. Rodrigues claims that he has tattooed his other pit bull as well, and he does it as a form of branding incase something were to happen to them...
Daughtry & 3 Doors Down – Kat’s Top 5 Songs
Daughtry & 3 Doors Down are coming LIVE in concert to Evansville at The Centre this Monday night, March 4, 2013. In honor of the upcoming show, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite songs from these 2 awesome acts!

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