Random Thoughts

Don’t Just Go Get a Pet Because You See it In a Movie!
With the new movie Finding Dory on its way to theaters, I noticed a Facebook ad for Finding Dory aquarium merchandise at PetSmart. I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that just because you see a cute animal in a movie does not mean that breed or type of animal is a good fit for you and …
Does Your Car Have a Name?
I was talking with a coworker after I complimented her on her new car and she told me "her" name is Cruella. I had to laugh because I have a name for my car too. Does your car have a name?
Nino’s Signs a Death Pledge
This past week I finally completed a 3 month long journey towards homeowership and signed off on my mortage. And it got me to thinking, "why is it called a mortgage?" So after some lengthy research (Googled it) I found out where the word 'mortgage' comes from...
Nino’s New Phone BLUES!
Usually people look for to buying a new phone, especially when it's a upgrade, but when you drop you phone square on it's face and are FORCED to buy a replacement, the frustrations can begin to mount up!
The first major hurdle is finding the MONEY for the new phone...

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