The Latest Internet Trend – Cats Wearing Tights
The weirdest trends have been popping up on social media lately. But this one might have all of the beat. Now the thing to do is posting pictures of your poor cat... wearing tights. It's actually pretty funny to see, and some people have gotten awfully creative. But...
Howl-O-Ween Doggie Costume Contest
We want to see your pooch! Dress your dog up and send us a picture! The winner of this contest will receive two tickets to see Cesar Millan live at the Centre on November 23, sponsored by Pets 1st.
Cesar Millan will reveal the secrets of happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canin…
10 Cats Stuck in Things
Cats are funny little creatures. Some like dressing up in reindeer antlers while others bask in the grumpy glory of fame. It doesn't matter what kind of feline we come across-- we're always big fans of the furballs. However, there is one type of kitty that tops our list of favorites: …
National Pet Adoption Weekend at PetSmart
This weekend is a National Pet Adoption Weekend at PetSmart stores all across the country! There will be over 2,000 shelters & rescues all over the country with adoptable pets looking for their forever homes, including right here in the Tristate!

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