The Rob Takes the Viral Mother/Child Quiz [VIDEO]
Surely you've seen the insanely-viral "Mother/Child Quiz" going around Facebook over the past several days.  (If it has an official name, I'm not aware of it.)  It's where mothers are supposed to ask their children a list of questions and are supposed to wr…
Pranking…Kind Of
I thought long and hard on how I was going to pull an April Fool's Day prank without offending/hurting anyone, and I didn't come up with anything....but I came up with this prank!
Koopa’s New Life
This weekend, I made a huge change in my life, I rescued a dog!  I've only had Koopa (Warrick Humane Society named him Hartz originally) for four days, and my life has already been changed for the good.
Does Your Dog Have a Favorite Song? The Rob’s Does [VIDEO]
Recently, my girlfriend and I were doing a little spring cleaning.  We've noticed our beautiful little miracle; our perfect angel of love from god, Leila, seems to really enjoy Iggy Azalea's music.  This isn't too surprising, as her mother and father (Brittany and I) also and like Iggy.  Nevertheles…

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