A Donald Trump Christmas on SNL
I have a feeling SNL will have NO shortage of Trump material over the next 4 years but in case you missed last night's episode, here's Alec Baldwin having a very Merry TRUMP Christmas with Putin!
John Cena in Science Fair on SNL
John Cena made an appearance on SNL last night in a skit that hilariously shows how our school system plays favorites to jocks. If you ever wondered how that guy from your High School football team EVER managed to become a SENIOR, let alone GRADUATE, this might answer your question...
Kristen Wiig Can’t Keep a Thanksgiving Secret [SNL Rewind]
Kristen Wiig came home to host Saturday Night Live this weekend for their Thanksgiving episode.  While still featuring a few politically charged sketches, this weekend's show focused more on the holidays and less on the election that we as a nation are still dealing with.  I thought Wiig did a solid…

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