Team SOULJA or Team CHRIS – Who U Wit?
Social Media is going crazy over the buzz about the upcoming Chris Brown - Soulja Boy fight! All this fuss just because Soulja Boy "LIKED" one of Chris B's ex-girlfriends pics, and the storm is now at Cat. 4 with Soulja Boy calling C.B. a "crackhead", and acc…
Mariah Carey Lipsyncs
What better way to end all the craziness of 2016 than with Mariah Carey getting caught LIPSYNCING at the NEW YEARS EVE party in TIME SQUARE! If you've ever been to a concert of any kind, technical issue are just a part of the game. But when you're performing for MILLIONS watching around the world, t…
A Donald Trump Christmas on SNL
I have a feeling SNL will have NO shortage of Trump material over the next 4 years but in case you missed last night's episode, here's Alec Baldwin having a very Merry TRUMP Christmas with Putin!
John Cena in Science Fair on SNL
John Cena made an appearance on SNL last night in a skit that hilariously shows how our school system plays favorites to jocks. If you ever wondered how that guy from your High School football team EVER managed to become a SENIOR, let alone GRADUATE, this might answer your question...

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