Taylor Lautner Can Do WHAT With His Mouth?!
So, I was browsing the internet today when I came across an article about a new segment with James Corden called "Hidden Talents." Just as I was about to keep scrolling, the article mentioned that one celebrity in the February 28th, 2017 edition had an amazing, can't miss hidd…
Jeff Sessions as ‘Forrest Gump’ on SNL
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session is the latest victim in the Trump Administration to become a parody character on SNL. Kate McKinnon (right) gave Sessions the GUMP make-over and it was absolutely hilarious!
Nino’s Movie Review – FIST FIGHT
Got a chance to see the new ICE CUBE movie FIST FIGHT and I'm glad that I didn't have any teachers as scary as Mr. Cube! Check out my review to see if #FISTFIGHT make the honor roll or gets detention!
Russian Hacking on SNL
With all of the talk on news about a possible hacking of the Presidential election, congressional email, and Hillary Clinton's private server, SNL decided to have a little fun with it. Check out the recent WEEKEND UPDATE sketch on SNL that's sure to shed a funnier light on the subject...
First Look at Beyonce’s Twins [SNL Rewind]
This weekend's "Saturday Night Live" was the best episode in a LONG time!  This is coming from a man who has seen almost every episode of the show.  Host Alec Baldwin was fantastic hosting for a record-breaking SEVENTEENTH time!  Between Baldwin's portrayal of President Donald Trump, Melis…
Spicer’s Podium of DEATH on SNL
Melissa McCarthy sticks it to Sean Spicer once again on SNL last night and the funny part has to be when she tries to run over the members of the press on a mobile podium of DEATH! Check out the skit from last episode!
This May be the Most Awkward PSA Cover Ever [PHOTO]
We get public service announcements on CD on a pretty regular basis at the radio station. Usually they're from non-profit organizations, or foundations who hope we'll air the PSAs (we're not required to do so) to help get their message to the masses. More times than not, the cover of the CD cases fe…

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