Donald Trump on People’s Court SNL
Just is case your day hasn't been going as great as you would like, here's a little something to get a quick laugh. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on SNL having his day in court ... the PEOPLE'S COURT! Enjoy...
Happy Pi Day!
Today is National Pi Day! No not Pie Day but Pi Day! It's a celebration of that random mathematical number that we loathed in high school!
Taylor Lautner Can Do WHAT With His Mouth?!
So, I was browsing the internet today when I came across an article about a new segment with James Corden called "Hidden Talents." Just as I was about to keep scrolling, the article mentioned that one celebrity in the February 28th, 2017 edition had an amazing, can't miss hidd…
Jeff Sessions as ‘Forrest Gump’ on SNL
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session is the latest victim in the Trump Administration to become a parody character on SNL. Kate McKinnon (right) gave Sessions the GUMP make-over and it was absolutely hilarious!
Nino’s Movie Review – FIST FIGHT
Got a chance to see the new ICE CUBE movie FIST FIGHT and I'm glad that I didn't have any teachers as scary as Mr. Cube! Check out my review to see if #FISTFIGHT make the honor roll or gets detention!

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