5 Possible Scents for Evansville Homesick Candles
The Homesick Candle Company specializes in creating candles for people who no longer live in the state they call home by using scents associated with each state. This got me thinking, if they made a candle specifically for Evansville, what would it smell like? It just so happens, I have a few sugges…
5 Awesome Tips To Be Super Cool in College
It's the first day of college for many teens in the area and they're probably already drunk off of Mike's Hard Sizzurp. If you're an awkward Freshman, stricken by the fear of not being cool, don't worry, let someone who regularly plays Dungeons & Dragons help you out…
12 Foods Ryan Hates That Everyone Else Loves
There are countless varieties of food that are universally loved by nearly everyone. The key word of that sentence being "nearly". Everyone's taste is different, and despite the public's affection, there are several (12 to be exact) that I just can't stand.
Which TV Character are YOU?
Everybody has their favorite TV show and favorite character. But which television character, classic or current, reminds you of YOU? I used to watch GOOD TIMES when I was kid, but it wasn't until I became an adult that I began to understand and even identify with struggles of James Evans, Sr...

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