New iPhone 7 Headphone Jack HACK!
If you're as frustrated as most new iPhone 7 owners are now that didn't realize their new iPhone DOES NOT come come with a standard headphone jack like EVERY OTHER AUDIO PRODUCING DEVICE IN THE WORLD, you might find this video amusing!
Gilmore Girls – The Weekend Binge
It's not a show just for girls! With that said, it's time to head to Stars Hollow and follow the adventures of Lorelei, Rory, Luke, Kirk, Laine, and so many other amazing characters!
Gilmore Girls (WB/The CW, 7 Seasons)
Gilmore Girls is a show that I got into right after high school...
Guy Makes His MOM Rap Like Eminem
If you ever have WAAAAYYYY to much time on your hands and you want to trick your mom into making a rap video, do try doing what this guy did! Let me know how that turns out...

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