SNL Takes Aim at Trump Via Beyonce Parody [SNL Rewind]
This weekend, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump actually had enough of Saturday Night Live's poking and FIRED back at the show, tweeting:
Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!
— Donald J. …
SNL Owns Trump [SNL Rewind]
You almost have to feel bad for the cast and writers of Saturday Night Live.  They probably had a whole fleshed-out show for "Hamilton" star Lin Manuel Miranda...  And then, late Friday night, Trump happened.
10 Unusual City Names in Indiana
When you think of cities and towns in Indiana, the big ones usually come to mind. Indy, Evansville, Ft. Wayne, etc. But for every one of those, there's a small town somewhere with a name that makes you go, "What?"
Margot Robbie is Really Hot [SNL Rewind]
The 42nd season premiere of television's longest running Saturday late-night comedy took place Saturday night as Margot Robbie (best known as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad) teamed up with musical guest the Weeknd to put on a GREAT episode of Saturday Night Live!
New iPhone 7 Headphone Jack HACK!
If you're as frustrated as most new iPhone 7 owners are now that didn't realize their new iPhone DOES NOT come come with a standard headphone jack like EVERY OTHER AUDIO PRODUCING DEVICE IN THE WORLD, you might find this video amusing!

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