Most OUTRAGEOUS Costumes!
Halloween is supposed to inspire creativity and imagination when it comes to selecting the perfect costume, but some people just take things WAAAAAAYYYYY too far! Here are some of the most OUTRAGEOUS and highly inappropriate costumes I came across while trying to come up with ideas for mine...
What is Sweetest Day?
Today apparently is SWEETEST DAY and until my wife called me on my way to work this morning and wished it to ME, I had no idea. Come to find out, only 11 state even recognize Sweetest Day and they're mostly Midwestern states.
It originally began in Cleveland, Ohio by the candy makers association…
A Timeline of Holiday Eating
Yesterday was Easter and I'm pretty sure I was one bite away from exploding because all the food I ate.  I've created a timeline on what you're thinking while shoveling food into your face and all the feelings you experience while doing so.
Unusual Easter Egg Fillers
I still love getting Easter baskets, and I even make them for other people now too!!  I like to always do something that's unusual rather than just candy, put some thought into it.
What to Put in a [Childlike] Adult’s Easter Basket!
It's that time again; Easter candy! The big question is what to put into your loved one's basket this year. If you want to know what the cool kids are putting in there Easter baskets, I hope you find one and that they share their thoughts. Otherwise, let me give you a few ideas for co…

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