Make Sure Your iPhone Medical ID is Set in Case of an Emergency
You never know when an emergency might happen. If you have an iPhone, you can help first responders by updating your Medical ID in your Health app. It only takes a couple of minutes. Not only could save your life but it also allows others to access your emergency contacts even when your phone is loc…
Don’t Get Bit – All Natural Mosquito Repellant
With the return of the warm weather of summertime come the return of one of man's most annoying pest - MOSQUITOES! But sometimes the sprays and repellants we use to kill them can do more harm than good to us and the environment.
Since we bought the new house, my family has been spending quite a …
Bananas with SEEDS? Wild Versions of Domestic Fruits
Did you know that Bananas originally had (and in some parts of the world still do have) SEEDS? Ever since modern man stopped just hunting and gathering and actually started domesticating and cultivating crops, the appearances of some of the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday have drastically chan…
Where is The Rob?
I wanted to post a blog real quick to keep people updated as to where I am going to be and why you won't be hearing me very much on your radios in February of 2016.
Preschool + Nursing Home = GREAT IDEA
Someone had the idea of opening a preschool inside of a nursing home and at first I didn't think it would be a good idea. But after seeing this video, and seeing the smiles on the both the kids' and the Seniors' faces, I wondered why no one had thought of this before!

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