Evansville Smoking Ban Appeals Effort Goes Down in Flames
It does not appear there is much hope for Evansville bar owners attempting to overturn the city wide smoking ban. Earlier last week, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the smoking ban is to remain in effect despite arguments by local watering holes and organizations claiming the ban is unconsti…
5 Exercises That Will Improve Your Heart Health
You listen to weather updates so you know how to dress. You wash your hands so you don't get the flu. You wear your seatbelt to keep you safe in the car. You are a prevention machine. But are you working to prevent the number one cause of death for both men and women, heart disease? For American Hea…
Taylor Swift + Game Hang Out at the Gym
One of these things is not like the other... unless Game is looking to start penning sappy breakup songs and Taylor Swift wants to move to Compton and drop a mixtape. But seriously, what brought these two unlikely characters into each other's worlds?
Guys & Girls Trade Roles in the Gym [VIDEO]
I hate going to the gym. I often joke that I'm allergic. Part of my problem with the gym is the stereotypical gym guys. So what happens when the guys start acting like women, and the ladies start acting like dudes?

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