Nino Wants to Know – What Triggers YOUR Road Rage?
I spend a LOT of time on the road during the week and I come across a LOT of BAD driving habits that people have that seem to bring out my ROAD RAGE! One of the main things that people do that REALLY ticks me off if when they wait until they get 2 feet from their turn before they turn on the signal …
The Heimlich Maneuver Saved My Son – LEARN IT!
This weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday (again) but I almost lost one of my kids to a rib tip! My Jr. was chowing down on some of my famous BBQ ribs when apparently his literally bit off more that he could chew let alone try to swallow!
Kat’s Top 5 Inspirational Internet Memes for the Week
Every now and then we all need a little inspiration - a little something to boost our mood or way of thinking. I have put together the 5 best Inspirational Memes that I have seen this week. I hope they help you in some small way in whatever battles you're facing.

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