Check Out Kat’s Las Vegas Vacation [PHOTOS]
If you're a visual person, like I am, then you want to not only hear about what an experience was like, but also see what it was like. Yesterday I shared video from Fremont Street with you, and today it's photo time! Take a look at some pics from my trip to Las Vegas.
Kat Gave Justin Bieber’s Mugshot a Makeover [PIC]
After seeing a side-by-side photo comparing Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus, I wondered what Justin would look like if I slapped some eyeshadow & mascara on him using the Perfect365 App I told you about last week. Behold! The Biebs as a young woman...
New Study Shows Fat Bottomed Girls Are Smarter and Healthier
Women with big rear ends are smarter and healthier than their boney butt counterparts, as a new study shows that all that cushion actually protects against diabetes and heart disease, as well as promotes well-developed brain function.
Researchers from the University of Oxford say they have discovered…

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