Indiana Mall Bans Hoodies — Could Eastland Mall Be Next?
A controversial sign posted by an Indiana mall cautioning patrons to drop their hoodie before entering has some customers screaming discrimination. The Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana recently displayed signs at all of their entrances stating, “For the safety and well-being of everyone, …
Check Out Kat’s Las Vegas Vacation [PHOTOS]
If you're a visual person, like I am, then you want to not only hear about what an experience was like, but also see what it was like. Yesterday I shared video from Fremont Street with you, and today it's photo time! Take a look at some pics from my trip to Las Vegas.
Kat Gave Justin Bieber’s Mugshot a Makeover [PIC]
After seeing a side-by-side photo comparing Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus, I wondered what Justin would look like if I slapped some eyeshadow & mascara on him using the Perfect365 App I told you about last week. Behold! The Biebs as a young woman...

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