EVSC Back To School Information
The 2017 EVSC school year starts on Wednesday, August 9th. You may have a few questions about your child and their schooling information, and the EVSC has a help page to answer those questions.
Travel Hack Made My Vacation So Much Better!
One of the things that stresses me out more than anything is vacation planning! So, my husband takes the reins and plans all of our vacations - right down to the itinerary. He does leave me in charge of ONE THING... food planning. It makes sense - I love to cook and do so at home almost every night.
Day Trip Idea – World Aquarium in St. Louis [PHOTOS]
One of the many great things about where Evansville is located geographically is our ability to drive two to three hours in almost any direction and take a day trip to cities like Louisville, Nashville, Indy, or in this case, St. Louis to enjoy the variety of activities those places have to offer. F…

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