Day Trip Idea – World Aquarium in St. Louis [PHOTOS]
One of the many great things about where Evansville is located geographically is our ability to drive two to three hours in almost any direction and take a day trip to cities like Louisville, Nashville, Indy, or in this case, St. Louis to enjoy the variety of activities those places have to offer. F…
Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Father's Day is tomorrow and if you still haven't decided what to get the Dad in your life or you're just running a little low on cash, here are some affordable last minute gift ideas!

New Grill Tools - Most Dad's like to grill out on Father's Day and it's always pretty cool to break in a new set of …
Two Nino’s? Simple Ways to Prevent Identity Theft
Yesterday I discovered that someone had hacked my PayPal account from Europe and tried to charge 10£ (14.42 USD) on a monthly recurring basis! Had I not been checking my back account like I do on the regular, they might have gotten away with it...
Best Places for Swimming in Evansville, Tri-State Area
When the heat and humidity hit the unbearable mark in the Tri-State, few things provide sweet, cooling relief like a dip in one of the many area swimming pools. I asked my Facebook friends to share their preferred swimming destinations in the area, and they more than delivered!

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