12 Easy Christmas Songs To Sing [With Karaoke Videos]
One of my favorite family traditions during Christmas time is gathering around the Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols. As soon as my two children were able to talk (and many times I couldn't understand a word they'd say) is when we began this yearly tradition.
Where to Buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater in Evansville and Online
So you have probably heard that ugly Christmas sweater parties are the holiday rave. And if you've been invited to an office or other social get together that requires an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” I've got the best online go-to places to find the most entertaining ugly Christmas…
Secret Santa Gift Ideas
If your office or workplace is into the whole "SECRET SANTA" thing, but you have NO ideas on what to buy someone you know nothing about, here are few novel novelty ideas for under $15 that might at least make the person you're buying for giggle...

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