Celebrity Family Fued on SNL
Justin Beiber, Bill Belichick, and Paula Dean are just a few on the celebrities that made it on SNL's Celebrity Family Feud last night. Check out the skit and tell me that Leslie Jones didn't look just like Samuel L. Jackson!
See Don Mattingly Have a Cinder Block Smashed on His Chest [VIDEO]
Evansville native Don Mattingly is known for many things. First and foremost his days as player for the New York Yankees, followed by managing stints with the Los Angeles Dodgers and now the Miami Marlins. He's also a philanthropist, giving back to the community he calls home, and now he can add &qu…
Donald Trump on People’s Court SNL
Just is case your day hasn't been going as great as you would like, here's a little something to get a quick laugh. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on SNL having his day in court ... the PEOPLE'S COURT! Enjoy...
5 Celebrity Entertainers from the Tri-State!
Have you ever just sat and thought, "Why aren't there any famous people from the tri-state area?" Well, the answer is, there are! You just didn't know it! Here are 5 celebrities in the entertainment business that are from the Tri-State:
1) Johnny Depp – Owensboro, Kentucky
Johnny Depp, best …

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