Indiana Comic Con Featuring Big Names For 2017!
Indiana Comic Con is a comic book convention held yearly in Indianapolis, Indiana that connects nerds of different worlds by gathering them all in one place for an amazingly geeky bash! By catering to a wide variety of artistic interests, the Indiana Comic Con creates an environment conducive to ner…
Michael Jackson’s Thiller Still Breaking Records
35-years after it's release, Micheal Jackson's Thriller album is still breaking breaking records as the highest selling record of all time at a mind-blowing 33 times platinum certification! That's 33 MILLION copies of the entire album sold all over the world...
Spicer’s Podium of DEATH on SNL
Melissa McCarthy sticks it to Sean Spicer once again on SNL last night and the funny part has to be when she tries to run over the members of the press on a mobile podium of DEATH! Check out the skit from last episode!

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