5 Pics of The Rob’s Puppy to Improve Your Mood
I know there has been a lot of tragedy and sadness in the news lately and it's got everybody down, myself included.  One thing that's (not) scientifically proven to put a smile on people's faces is PICTURES OF PUPPIES!
Don’t Get Bit – All Natural Mosquito Repellant
With the return of the warm weather of summertime come the return of one of man's most annoying pest - MOSQUITOES! But sometimes the sprays and repellants we use to kill them can do more harm than good to us and the environment.
Since we bought the new house, my family has been spending quite a …
Weather Got You Down? Pictures of Rob’s Puppy Will Brighten Your Day!
I know that everybody has gloomy here in the Tri-State because the weather has been a little disagreeable.  But I think I've got the cure for your rainy day blues!  Three weeks ago, I adopted a puppy from the Warrick Humane Society!  Her name is Roxie (when she was our Pet of the Week she was known …

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