Watch The Rob’s Puppy Play Her Favorite Video Game
Two months ago, I rescued a puppy from our friends at the Warrick Humane Society.  She's the amazing Roxie, and we love her so much!  Since she's my puppy, nobody can be too terribly surprised that she is a big fan of video games!  When we found out that there is actually a …
6 Times Bigfoot was Reportedly Spotted in Southern Indiana [VIDEO]
Reports of Bigfoot feel almost as old as time itself. To this day, people still share fuzzy photos and videos online of abnormal creatures they believe to be the mythical creature. Heck, there's even a TV show dedicated to finding the darn thing. And while a majority of sightings in the U.S. are in …
5 Pics of The Rob’s Puppy to Improve Your Mood
I know there has been a lot of tragedy and sadness in the news lately and it's got everybody down, myself included.  One thing that's (not) scientifically proven to put a smile on people's faces is PICTURES OF PUPPIES!

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