We all know how much I love animals, and whether you are a dog person or a cat person, I guarantee you will love this video!

Dog is man's best friend. Cats are aloof & independent, but full of unique personality. I don't discriminate when it comes to my love of animals. I love all of the furry little things. I am particularly fond of my two kitties, Sophe & Boo. They have very different personalities but they are both very direct when trying to communicate what they want... much like the kitty in the video.

The video starts out with the puppy almost begging for a lesson! "Please? Please? Will you teach me how NOOOOW??? Please? Please? Please?!"

Kitty says, "Fine. Sit down and watch." Kitty lifts the puppy's head, "Now pay attention. THIS is how you impress the humans." He then proceeds to show the puppy how to execute the perfect roll over. Once he gets back up, I imagine the conversation to go something like this:
"See? That's how you do it. It's easy. Now. You try..."

"You mean like this?"