I am a cat person. I have always been a cat person. I like dogs, don't get me wrong, but cats have always been my favorite. They have attitude. They have spunk, and they don't have to be taken outside to use the bathroom.

My cat, Sophe, follows me around and talks to me. She also sleeps with me at night, and the days after my car accident, she stayed in bed with me.

Sometimes I have heard Sophe meow, and it sounds like she is saying "hello." This is usually when I go to bed and forget to tell the cat that I'm going to lay down. I have not, however, EVER heard my cat (or any other before now) BARK!

The cat in the video is barking at someone/something outside. Yes. Barking. That is until it realizes it has just been caught by a human, at which point kitty starts to meow again. This is too cool to not share, so enjoy!