Unfortunately when you're famous everyone wants  a piece of your money, especially when you've had a monster hit like 'Call me Maybe' and everyone knows who you are.  A singer from Ukraine is convinced that Carly Rae stole her skanky Christmas song....You can check out the song inside and you be the judge.  Did CRJ rip this chick off?

Adam Bettcher, Getty Images / YouTube

According to TMZ a Ukranian singer named Aza has a song called 'Hunky Santa' and in her exact words she told TMZ

"I'm shocked and surprised that these people wanted to sample my lyrics on their song. They didn't ask me for permission, they just took it. That's why I filed this lawsuit. When I first heard it on the radio, I was driving and almost got into an accident. I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

Aza is seeking "unspecified damages" AKA boatloads of cash.  Carly Rae Jepson's reps said “This is completely false and [Carly's] lawyers will deal with this. Everyone knows [Carly] is a songwriter and is not spending a lot of time listening to Ukrainian radio.”

I listened to the 'Hunky Santa' song 3 times.  First time paying attention to the lyrics, and I saw no connection there...I don't remember CRJ ever mentioning Santa in 'Call me Maybe'.  So the second time I listened to just the music..I didn't see a connection there either.  The third time I tried putting it all together and tried to find any form of 'Call me Maybe' in the song 'Hunky Santa' but I still didn't get it.  So you listen and you be the judge, what do you think??

Here is the song by Ava called 'Hunky Santa'

And in case you need a reference point, here's 'Call me Maybe' (Or in case you just want to forget what you just heard)