I guess he did call her....maybe? See what I did there?!


So Carly Rae Jepsen is easily one of my new favorites on the pop scene.  I mean you can't dispute with how much success she had with 'Call Me Maybe' and her follow up 'This Kiss' did really well too!  In her new song 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' is an upbeat pop song about, well getting over someone.

I feel like so often we hear sappy love songs, but we don't have too many good break up anthems that aren't sappy.  This song is not really that sappy (even though the video kind of is) and it's basically saying, yo I'm getting over you tonight because you're a lying douche bag.  She doesn't exactly say those words, but we all know that's what she means.

In the video it's mainly her reminiscing about the good times with her guy, but it's okay cause at least he's cute!