It's guys like this that set the bar to nearly unreachable levels for dads like me.

34-year-old, father of three, Mike Conley, a former contestant on Wipeout! Canada, decided to relive what he says was "an awesome experience" and give his kids a fun and creative way to get out of the house and be active by creating a miniature version of the show's obstacle course on the street in front of his house.

Stretching 90-feet down the road, the course consists of 12 air mattresses, 14 inflatable loungers , one circular pool (8-foot-by-8-foot), six inflatable pools (10-foot-by-6-foot), eight pool noodles, 6,000 gallons of water, 1,200 square feet of banner vinyl, eight boxing gloves, six rock-wall holds, 112 feet of lumber, 16 bales of straw, eight buckets, 298 wood screws, four big red exercise balls, one slip and slide, 12 cans of spray paint, one 12-foot cardboard tube, one overhead sign, 12 logo decals, 6 pounds of mud, three Contour Roam video cameras, and 12 volunteers. While he wouldn't tell ABC News the final price of his homemade course, he did admit that it exceeded his "initial $300 budget, but it was worth every penny."

By the looks on his and the neighborhood kids faces, I'd say he's right.