It may not be a flying car like The Jetsons had, but it's a good start.

One of the things that draws me into science fiction movies and TV shows are the futuristic gadgets they use. Most of these gadgets, vehicles, whatever are nothing more than the brain child of some writer or director's vivid imagination and are more than likely years away from becoming actual products, if they become products at all. For example, the virtual computer screens, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark uses in The Avengers and Iron Man films. However, it does appear that we're one small step closer to flying cars, or at least flying "bikes".

According to Yahoo! News, Engineers at California-based Aerofex, have developed a functioning "hover bike" using a design abandoned in the 1960's due to rollover and stability issues. The engineers have corrected these problems by creating a system that responds to the riders natural sense of balance opposed to some type of sophisticated electronics such as artificial intelligence or flight software.

Long story short, if the operator wants to go left, they lean left. Need to make a right turn? Lean right. The bike will continue turning until they center their balance. The only problem being that Aerofex has no plans as of now to create a manned version. The goal is use this prototype to develop unmanned drones that can carry heavy equipment and supplies to rural or underdeveloped areas that are difficult to access with a typical vehicle.

You can find out more on Yahoo! News, and you can get your hopes up of ever having one by watching the video below.