Wednesday, Nestle released plans for a new candy in 2014 - which might rival the heritage 90-year-old candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Nestle executives feel that the new candy, Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup will be so successful, they have purchased a Super Bowl ad - the first ever in the company's history.

Hershey, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's parent company isn't worried though. According to US Today,

Reese's is one of America's most beloved brands," says Anna Lingeris, senior manager of brand PR and consumer engagement at Hershey. She says its sales topped $1.5 billion last year, making it the top-selling confection brand. No other domestic candy brand topped $1 billion in sales last year, Nielsen reports.



While I've always appreciated Butterfinger, Reese's are a favorite for me. It's hard to improve on perfection - Reese's are awesome and I don't think you can make them any better. The downfall of a Butterfinger is when it gets all packed into my teeth so if they can figure out how to to eliminate the crispity crunchity it might be worth trying.




For as long as I can remember, Butterfinger has been among my favorite candy bars in existence. When I found out they were invading the peanut butter cup market I became exhilarated. Thoughts and fantasies of what this cup would taste like flooded my mind. The thought of a peanut butter cup with a crunch and a Butterfinger twist is very exciting to me. On the other hand, Reese's has had the peanut butter cup market cornered for longer than I can remember. The thought of anyone encroaching on their territory is preposterous. Butterfinger seems to be taking an aggressive approach to their forthcoming war. While I can't imagine a better peanut butter cup than the ones made by Reese's however I am hopeful that Nestle and Butterfinger will make one as good if not better.