Don't judge me - This video of a burlesque dancer performing to Katy Perry's "Roar" brought tears to my eyes...


As women, we struggle daily to fit into an image that someone else has created for us. Most of us do not look like swimsuit models, and never will. We have curves - sometimes in the wrong places. We have jiggly spots and most of us forget that THAT is ok! I am guilty of looking at myself in the mirror and loathing what I see looking back at me. I am almost 35 years old. I am a grown woman, and yet when I look at myself in the mirror, I long for the way my body looked when I was 25. I have to remember that it is unfair of me to expect myself to look 25 when I am 35. Time, age, children, stress... life, has taken it's toll. And that is ok.

Ladies, we have to learn to love ourselves. Inside and out. The woman in this video, is a prime example of what it's like to be confident in your own skin. To see that she looks a lot like me when you strip away the facade of the everyday clothes, and to see her dance - freely - in celebration of who she is, really puts into perspective that the only person holding me back from being happy with my personal appearance is me. I don't have to be a size 2 to be confident. I don't have to have flat abs. I can be me. Just like I am, and I can be fierce. And I too, can roar!

Burlesque is similar to a variety show, typically including striptease. For this reason, this video - although containing no nudity - may be considered by some to be NSFW. Please view with caution.