Someone got petty about the amount of vegetables served at Buffalo Wild Wings!

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I know, I know, this week's "Petty Reviews of the Tri-State" is late. As was last weeks. I had several people (one person) demand an answer (ask politely) for why it was late. I was busy doing other stuff earlier in the week and nothing had really caught my eye. I don't want to half-ass this feature so if there isn't anything that meets my petty criteria, it might be a couple of days late. Also, y'all been waiting 6 years for a new Game of Thrones book, so cut me some slack.

The wait seems to have been worth it as this week's review will have you scratching your head as to why someone went to Buffalo Wild Wings to begin with. As always, reviews are 100% real and 100% petty AF.


First off, props for using the word "supper." I assume you dined at Buffalo Wild Wings sometime during the Civil War. I have to be honest, I'm a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wings (or as the hip-kids say "Bdubs"). The co-workers and I often go there for lunch and always have a good experience. When we go there, we usually get wings, because, you know, the place is called Buffalo Wild Wings. We don't go there, unsurprisingly, for the vegetables that come as a courtesy with your wings. Who goes to a place that prides themselves on making great wings for the side-veggies?

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OK, maybe rabbits on a first date

That's also not to say that Bdubs doesn't have a great selection of items for vegetarians. They have salads and a veggie burger. However, this isn't about any of those. This is about someone being upset at the number of pieces of celery and carrots they received. I'm not sure if "3 for the whole table was ridiculous" means it isn't enough celery and carrots or if this table was drowning in them and no one was throwing them a life-preserver (probably made of meat) to them. If they were upset about the lack of celery and carrots, they could've just asked for more. I highly doubt Bdubs giving you an extra carrot is going to financially cripple them. Or they could have just asked for ours. This is usually how we deal with carrots at Bdubs:

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Get outta here with your oxidants and Vitamin A

When I leave Bdubs, I want to feel like I need a nap; not reinvigorated with vitamins and stuff listed at the Fresh Market. The reviewer also mentions the coldness of the fries that occurs EVERYTIME they go there yet they still keep ordering them. In defense of Bdubs, they probably spent so much time fretting about the over/under on celery and carrots that Climate Change went -full-circle and now we're living in an ice age, thus resulting in cold fries.

In conclusion, if you want more celery and carrots, just ask for it. Bdubs is pretty fantastic and would probably have no problem accommodating your need for veggies. Or you can smuggle some in using your cheeks, since you seem to share the diet of a hamster.