Apparently, some Brits have a problem with the performance attire that Rihanna was wearing during a recent performance on ITV, one of their channels. One of their television watchdog groups, Ofcom didn't like what they saw  and claim to have recieved thousands of complaints, probably from all their own members that probably shouldn't have been watching that channel anyway!

But I digress...

I've seen the video of the performance and trust me, it was mild compared to some of the stuff they do over here! Rihanna performed What's my name in a Zebra-looking outfit, that was quiet nice by the way, but hardly anything to get all buggered about! Her singing could have been a little bit better (she sound tired...), but other than that, I've seen less clothing on most of our commercials!

But you be the judge. Let me know what you think in the comment box below!