I'll be honest, I'm not exactly sure what role Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip play in British politics outside of being the faces for their country and waving in tight, tiny circles during parades. It seems to me that a majority, if not all British governing policy comes from Parliment. Whatever their role, they managed to find time in their schedule to crash a wedding.

During the planning of their wedding, "commoners" Frances and John Canning found out the original royal couple (the O.R.C. as they say on the streets...that's not true) would be visiting their city of Manchester, England as part of their "Diamond Jubilee" tour on the same day they would become man and wife. So for "giggles" (or "chuckles" as the call them in England...again, not true), the Canning's officially invited the O.R.C. to be a part of their special day. In return they recieved an official thanks, but no thanks which I'm sure was written some kind of fancy-pants English words. Unbeknownst to them, the palace had been making special arrangements with the church to have the Queen and Prince make an appearance the whole time. This is where I would say, "imagine the look on their faces!", but you can just watch the video and see for yourself.