This is a sad list.  Many of these brands on the list have been around for years. Some may even surprise you. For instance my favorite clothing store even made the list *GASP*!24/7 Wallst has compiled a list of brands they think we will see the last of in 2013.  Here's a few that made the list! (you can see the full list here!)

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1. Research in Motion

You may not even know what Research in Motion is, at least I didn't.  Maybe I'm behind on the times.  Or would  that make me up on the times since I'm not sure what it is?  Anyways either way you spin it, Research in Motion is creator of the Blackberry (cue light bulb going off in my head!) about 5 years ago Blackberry was unstoppable, well since then iPhone and Android have just crushed the smart phone competition and the rest is history.

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2. Avon

Where on earth am I going to get my 1980's baby pink lipstick at now?! It was found out last year that Avon’s long time CEO Andrea Jung just about wrecked the company.  Their shares have dropped below $16. That price is down from $43 four years ago.

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3. American airlines

They filed for bankruptcy last year.  They were hoping to be able to emerge from chapter 11 bankruptcy, but that probably won't happen.  Even though they are still operating, there is still talks of possible merger with US Airways.  They have offered to buy American Airlines assets.

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4. Talbots

We used to have one of those here! Or do we still have one of those here? Clearly that is why the company may not make it to see 2014.  The recession hit them pretty hard, they haven't been able to pick it back up.  They also are having trouble appealing to customers with distinctive products.  This spells trouble!

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5. Suzuki

Suzuki has been having trouble appealing to people with their low dependability ratings.  The JD Power survey of U.S. vehicle dependability ratings ranked them below those of almost every other brand.  Yikes!

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6. Pacific Sunwear

Remember when I said my favorite clothing store was on the list of brands that are likely to close in 2013? Yep here it is.  My own personal doomsday.  It doesn't matter that more than half of my Christmas came from there, it may not have been enough to help them out. They are apparently  on the path to bankruptcy.  I mean they charge enough for their freakin' clothes you'd think they'd be doing okay.  Quick someone with a couple extra million dollars lying around help them out! The fate of my wardrobe depends on it!!

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7. The Oakland Raiders

The Raiders will still play in the NFL next year,but not in Oakland.  The rason the Raiders are leaving Oakland is because of financial plans of the new owners.  If all works out it's looking like there's a possibility they could be playing in Santa Clara where they will share a stadium with the 49ers.  Guess we shall see!

Which brand are you most sad to see go?  Are there any that surprise you?