Gentlemen, the bar has just been raised to a possibly unreachable level.

Of course it wouldn't take much to improve on the way I did it. I knew that if I tried to set up something really elaborate, she'd be on to me in an instant. So I kept it simple...almost too simple. At the time I was working the overnight shift on our sister station, 103GBF while my wife was a student teacher. She usually left shortly after I got home. One day after she left, I set the alarm for Noon (I usually slept from about 7am until two or three in the afternoon) and bought the ring I had been looking into. When I got back home, I put on a t-shirt and pajama pants because normally I was just getting up when she got home and I didn't want to look conspicuous. When she got home that day, she asked what I was doing awake already and I made up some B.S. excuse that I had trouble sleeping or some such thing. Whatever the excuse, she bought it.

A few days later on the Friday night of Fall Festival 2001, I came home after broadcasting from Franklin St. to find her sitting on the couch filing her fingernails. I had the ring in my jacket pocket, sat down next to her and asked if she remembered that day. She said she did, then I told her the truth. That I didn't have trouble sleeping, I had gone shopping. That's when I pulled the ring out of my pocket and asked the question.

Long story short, I asked her while we sat on the couch. Not the most romantic thing in the world, but this July will mark our 10 year anniversary so apparently I did something right.

Then there's Issac, who staged an elaborate "lip-dub proposal" as he calls it for his girlfriend Amy. With the help of his brother and 60 other friends and family, Issac and company pull off an amazing dance routine that unfolds in front of his girlfriends eyes while she rides in the back of a hatchback. Good luck topping this one boys.