The Buffalo Trace Council, which serves the Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois region, will be hosting sign ups for boys interested in joining the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, August 30th.

I myself was a Boy Scout, spending roughly four years as a member of Troop 399 based out of Sacred Heart Church on Evansville's west side. While eventually my ability to commit to weekly meetings and the occasional weekend camping trip waned due to entering the workforce, and despite the occasional bout of homesickness on those camping trips (what can I say, I'm a momma's boy), I have several fond memories of those scouting days.

Without the Boy Scouts, I would probably have never gone snow skiing at Paoli Peaks. And I can't imagine any scenario where I would go to West Virginia to do it, but I did with the Boy Scouts.

For sign ups on the 30th, the Buffalo Trace Council has teamed with the school corporations in both Southern Indiana and Illinois to allow the boys to sign up at their respective elementary school between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. that evening. Registration is open to boys from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

The Council asks that you bring a checkbook with you as there will be a minimal fee due at sign up.

For more information on the Boys Scouts of America, and registering on the 30th, call the Buffalo Trace Council office at 800-264-5246.

To learn more about how the Boy Scouts of America works to enrich the lives of young men, and encourage them to be contributing members of the community, download this informative flyer.