Although topping the box office on its opening weekend, DC's superhero epic "Green Lantern" disappointed at the box office.  Here's a look at the top 10 movies in theaters this weekend, followed with a short review of my thoughts on it:

1. Green Lantern $52.7 mil. (Not great.  It lacked the standand character development and attachment present in all of the great superhero movies.  Ryan Reynolds is a strange choice for the lead.)

2. Super 8 $21.3 mil. (Good film!  Reminded me of "Goonies" meets "E.T.")

3. Mr. Popper’s Penguins $18.2 mil. (I've seen the trailer...  OMG those dancing penguins are soooo friggin' adorable!)

4. X-Men: First Class $11.5 mil. (I liked it a lot, although I'll admit it was a little disappointing.  Only for the SERIOUS X-Men fans.)

5. The Hangover Part II $9.6 mil. (Ugh.  I mean, it was funny...  But it was the SAME EXACT movie as the first one.  Left me unsatisfied.)

6. Kung Fu Panda 2 $8.7 mil. (I'm a grown up.  I won't be seeing Kung Fu Panda...  Unless it has dancing penguins.)

7. Bridesmaids $7.5 mil. (Sounds like a chick flick, but I heard this movie was hysterical.  I'm going to try to see it.)

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides $6.2 mil. (I forget that I saw it.  It was exactly what you expect from a POTC movie.)

9. Midnight in Paris $5.2 mil. (Never heard of it)

10. Judy Moody ... $2.2 mill. (WTF is Judy Moody?)