First off, Bob's Burgers might be my favorite show on TV right now.  I'm pretty sure Tina Belcher is my spirit animal, we're both awkward, have pretty much one hair style (mine just varies in color from time to time) and neither one of us has any fashion sense.  Another love I have in my life is Tim Burton, and when these two come together it's magical.

Isn't it beautiful?! (Melissa Awesome/KISS FM)

For my graduation present one of my best friends, Slayde clearly knows me way, way too well! She bought me a print of a Bobs Burgers characters in the style of Tim Burton to me the result is a perfect addition to my living room.There is no such thing as too much Tim Burton, or too much Bobs Burgers.

Oddly enough I recently subscribed to a YouTube channel and happened to find the painting of the print I own being made! So not only do you get to see the glorious print itself I also have the video of it being made too!

Whatcha think?  Would this be in your living room?  Thanks Slayde, I BOLIEVE you know me way too well (brownie points if you get the reference)!